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I'm using the code from: http://scottwb.com/blog/2012/02/23/a-better-way-to-add-mobile-pages-to-a-rails-site/

def check_for_mobile
    session[:mobile_override] = params[:_mobile] if params[:_mobile]
    prepare_for_mobile if mobile_device?

def prepare_for_mobile
    prepend_view_path Rails.root + 'app' + 'views_mobile'

def mobile_device?
    if session[:mobile_override]
      session[:mobile_override] == "1"
      # Season this regexp to taste. I prefer to treat iPad as non-_mobile.
      (request.user_agent =~ /Mobile|webOS/) && (request.user_agent !~ /iPad/)
helper_method :mobile_device?

This is great and works fine, but how would I change the view name vs. just the view path? It's a personal preference, but I'd rather have my mobile views like this:

/app/views/users/index_mobile.html.erb vs. /app/views_mobile/users/index.html.erb


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Use the render method:

render is_mobile? ? :index_mobile : :index

See 2.2.2 Rendering an Action’s View.

I doubt it's possible to render views stored outside of /app/views. Even if it would be possible, it would be unwise as it breaks Rails' path conventions.

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