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I have searched SO, and dug in the Laravel documentation but I am not sure I quite understand if what I would like to do can be done.

I am using Laravel 4. I want to know how I can nest views in other views.

For example, I have a base layout.. lets call it layout.blade.php

      <title>{{ $title }}</title>

Next I have a blade for a page called home:




I have a couple different navigation layouts, one for admins, another for super users, and another for regular users.

Is there a way to add another blade view inside the section('nav')?

// do something magical here?

It doesn't make sense that for every blade layout I need to repeat the navigation code when several snippets can be reused.

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You can do this

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Boom... Thats what I was looking for.. I think my syntax was off when I tested. – Michael Jun 5 '13 at 22:44

Another solution, in case you were wishing to dynamically load different subviews, you can nest using the View Class. E.g. you could have the following in a Route / Controller:

return View::make('home')->nest('subnav','home/nav', array('some' => 'data'); 

and then in your home.blade.php, you could do this:


{{ $subnav }}


This can be done with an include and a variable as well (@include($viewname, array('some' => 'data')) however I'd say its cleaner as it removes the logic from the view, particularly if your nested views aren't always the same blade file.

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Even though this is late you can also do this:

eg. in an admin.php you can have this:


  // navigation

  // admin page content

Not saying this is better or not i'm just answering your question on nesting views with blade, this is how i nest my views.

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