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There are files in GridFS:

In [1]: import pymongo

In [2]: c = pymongo.Connection('localhost', 49996)

In [3]: gfsf = c.wss_test.fs.files.find()

In [4]: gfsf.next()
{u'_id': ObjectId('51ad37067662579917000000'),
 u'chsum': u'18848aca1fc0980524d84aed3cc87dce',
 u'chunkSize': 1048576L,
 u'compressed': 0L,
 u'creationDate': u'2013-06-04T00:38:30',
 u'json': 1L,
 u'length': 15L,
 u'md5': u'18848aca1fc0980524d84aed3cc87dce',
 u'uploadDate': datetime.datetime(2013, 6, 4, 0, 38, 30)}

But mongofiles only spits out the length - there's no filename:

$ mongofiles -h localhost:49996 -d wss_test list
connected to: localhost:49996

Since all mongofiles ops are by filename, what now?

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Yes, mongofiles only works with filename, which is completely optional in the GridFS spec. If you need to work with your files through mongofiles make sure you add filenames to the files.

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