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I programm an artificial life simulation on my mac with Xcode in C++/OpenGL. Due to the fact that my programm has a visual output in a seperated window, I do not need the terminal, while running the concrete programm.

Nevertheless the terminal opens when I run my application throwing '/path/programm ; exit;' at its user. I guess that is for debuging? Or maybe standard because it is a command line tool?

So if I want to make a proper looking application out of it, which does not bother its users with command line outputs, what do I have to do?

If it is inherent of the command line tool to open the terminal do I have to migrate the source code to a cocoa app or Qt even though I yet do not need these build interfaces?

Thank you for your effort.

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If I understood your question right, you don't want the terminal to be shown when the user double-click your app ?

In this case you should create a .app bundle and embed your binary into it.

I just tested with the basic "Hello world" Xcode command line template, it works fine.

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Very well! Fyi, just make a new folder (with the name of your exec data) and a subfolder (named 'Contents') and within Contents again two subfolder (named 'MacOS' and 'Resources'). Throw your exec data into the MacOS folder and add '.app' to the main folder. Done. –  TheMindWithin Jun 7 '13 at 7:32

You can use

@echo off

In the part off your code that requires the terminal.

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Unfortunately that does not do it. First under Unix it would be system("echo off"); and secondly it just adds off to the comand line output. –  TheMindWithin Jun 6 '13 at 18:35

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