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I execute the following command in SQL Server 2008 and it does not give me the desired results.

 RTRIM(avg(ProcTime)/3600) + ':'  + RIGHT(('0'+RTRIM(avg(MTD_ProcTime) % 3600) / 60),2)   

Let's say I get 2:5 instead of 2:05, it drops the zero. How do I get that zero in front of the 5 ?

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Can you state what you're doing and that what 2:5 or 2:05 means. Also what does ProcTime & MTD_ProcTime contain. –  Preet Sangha Jun 6 '13 at 0:45
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RTRIM(avg(ProcTime)/3600) + ':'  + RIGHT(('0'+RTRIM(avg(MTD_ProcTime) % 3600 / 60)),2)

I moved the ) from after 3600 to after 60

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What you want is the two zeros in your RIGHT(('00'+ ... function, like this:

RTRIM(avg(ProcTime)/3600) + ':'  + 
RIGHT(('00'+RTRIM(avg(MTD_ProcTime) % 3600) / 60),2)

That way you end up with right 2 chars of 00N, or 0N.

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