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My English is not good because I am from Taiwan, so I will try to describe my problem.

I am using FileWrapper to download a big file, but I don't know how to download multiple files in a single response. What other method can I use?

    mms = message.objects.get(token=token)
except message.DoesNotExist:
    return HttpResponse('ret=1&msg=Invalid arguments&')

    attach = mms.message_attach_set.get(id = int(attach_id))
except message_attach.DoesNotExist:
    return HttpResponse('ret=1&msg=Invalid arguments&')

response = HttpResponse(FileWrapper(attach.file), mimetype='application/force-download')
response['Content-Length'] = str(attach.file.size)
response['X-Sendfile'] = '%s' % (attach.realName)
return response
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by the way, these files are splitted from multimedia. So when i download these files, i must to combine these files –  SY_LIN Jun 6 '13 at 4:34
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One approach would be to create a tarfile archive and send the files as a single package . The python api is here

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Thanks! i will try it! –  SY_LIN Jun 9 '13 at 19:14
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