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I want to use regular expression to remove string with $ , % , # these three characters , but it seems can't remove $ and the error information shows undefined variable

How can I solve this problem?

here is my code

perl $ABC#60%


$Input = $ARGV[0];

$Input =~ s/\$|%|#//g;

print $Input;


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I think your problem is with the shell, not with the Perl code. Single quote the argument to the script:

perl '$ABC#60%'

The shell can interpret '$ABC' as a variable name in which case the script will receive no arguments. Perl will then complain about undefined variable in substitution.

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$Input =~ s/[\$%#]//g;

ought to work

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if you just want to remove some charactor, it will be better use tr

try this:

perl -e '$arg = shift; $arg =~ tr/$%#//d; print $arg' '$asdf#$'

your code is just fine, but the parameter you pass to the program will expand in bash. you should put single quote.

try this:

perl '$ABC#60%'
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