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I'm trying to spawn and destroy nodes using code during run time. I know that ROS groovy has rosspawn but the project I'm working on is in feurte. This is the code I have for a node class

class node {
        ros::NodeHandle *n;
        void init(int argc, char **argv, std::string s) {
            ros::init(argc, argv, s);
            n = new NodeHandle();
        void shutdown() {

I've tested it using rosnode list and it seems to work. My question is, Is this bad programming or is there an unforeseen error that can occur? The questions I've seen questions posted say that a system call is needed in order to spawn a node during execution.

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It is fine to do it this way if you're just trying to dynamically create a single node. If you want to create multiple nodes you will need to create separate processes, necessitating a system call.

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