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I have a Oracle procedure to which I have to pass a datetime value from basic date picker which I assign as bdp1. How do I pass this value from VB.net. When I pass the date its doest execute the function

Public Function GetDate(ByVal strMaterial As String, ByVal ListBox1 As String, ByVal bdp1 As Date) As DataSet

    Dim connectionString As String = "Data Source = ***; User ID = ***; Password = **;"
    Dim sqlConnection As OracleClient.OracleConnection = New OracleClient.OracleConnection(connectionString)

    Dim queryString As String = "select * from abc where tran_dttm <= to_date( ':bdp1','MM-DD-YYYY' ) and tran_dttm > to_date( ':bdp1','MM-DD-YYYY')"

    Dim sqlCommand As OracleClient.OracleCommand = New OracleClient.OracleCommand(queryString, sqlConnection)
    sqlCommand.CommandTimeout = 0

    sqlCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue(":strMaterial", txtMaterial.Text)
    sqlCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue(":ListBox1", ListBox1)
    sqlCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue(":bdp1", bdp1)

    Dim dataAdapter As OracleClient.OracleDataAdapter = New OracleClient.OracleDataAdapter(sqlCommand)
    Dim dataSet As DataSet = New DataSet

    Return dataSet

End Function
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1) Pass it as date, not a string that you then CONVERT to a date in the database. That's crazy talk.

2) If you REALLY want to do that, then you can't quote your parameter: to_date( ':bdp1','MM-DD-YYYY' ) it's trying to_date the literal string ':bdp1'. Change it to: to_date( :bdp1,'MM-DD-YYYY' )


Oops, I misread your code, when I saw your to_date stuff, I assumed you were passing a string. You're actually passing a date, so you shouldn't need to call to_date at all. You should be able to just do this:

select * from abc where tran_dttm <= :bdp1 and tran_dttm > :bdp1

Again, note that you will not include your parameters in single quotes.

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ok had pass is as date. should i change sqlCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue(":bdp1", bdp1) with sqlCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue to_date( :bdp1,'MM-DD-YYYY' )? –  Husna5207 Jun 6 '13 at 3:38
Oops. Misread the code. See my edit –  aquinas Jun 6 '13 at 3:45
so just remain this one >> sqlCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue(":bdp1", bdp1) ? –  Husna5207 Jun 6 '13 at 3:47
I don't think you should have the colon int he parameter name, the colon is only needed in the actual select statement. –  aquinas Jun 6 '13 at 3:59

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