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First I know I should show some implementation effort but to do so even I am kind of stuck for a design idea.

My client requirement is to have a web part (Parent) that contains currently selected product list with ‘Add’ button. This product list has inline delete button (quick delete) that will remove a selected product from the list. This is the parent web part. This also consumes a provider from another web part which brings supplier information in.

The ‘Add’ button should bring a popup window with list of all products with a check box in front for each item which needs to be another web part (Child). Current list of products in Parent should reflect in the same web part with a check box ticked in front. User can select deselect products and those changes should reflected back in the parent web part selected products list when popup closes by hitting 'OK' button.

Ilustration of the Senario

What I am required is a design idea, your opinion or your experience how I may achieve this requirement, more than an implementation (Code)

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