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I'm not sure if the title fits.

Let me describe what I'm thinking.

I'm not familiar with facebook API.
You see, I have this page on a site. And I want this page to be visible only for my friends on facebook. Is there a way I could do that? Like send error 404 if the one viewing is not logged in or not my friend on facebook.

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It's completely doable I'd say. What Web software? - stackoverflow.com/questions/5317833/… – Preet Sangha Jun 6 '13 at 4:35
@PreetSangha just a simple personalized page actually... with contents that I want only my friends on facebook to see... using php, you think this is not possible? – Reigel Jun 6 '13 at 4:37
@PreetSangha Thank you for the link, I'm now getting ideas.. – Reigel Jun 6 '13 at 4:39
Not without the user logging in/granting permissions to your usage of the facebook API – Scuzzy Jun 6 '13 at 4:42
@Reigel they used graph api which does provide some basic public details graph.facebook.com/mike.tyson but this is obviously requiring user interaction. – Scuzzy Jun 6 '13 at 5:22
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Yes this is very much possible. You need to make your website and add its URL to a facebook app (very easy to create a facebook app , just go to the facebook developers and follow the instrcutions).

after u create an app

All you need to do is redirect the user to an OAuth Dialog which will ask the user to accept and add the application giving you the users details.

Here is a simple tutorial to do so https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/dialogs/oauth/

after the user accepts it he will be redirected to a URL which u will have to specify (see the tutorial)

or you can do this :

use the facebook php sdk and access the user info this way https://developers.facebook.com/docs/php/howto/profilewithgraphapi/

In both ways u get the user details and then u can check them against your friends profile details and only allow those users who match it and redirect the rest of the users to any other page using the header("any.url.com"); command of php.

If u still don't get it please tell me and i will elaborate more.

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Yes it is possible, just make that page to accessed through a script which contains code to get facebook access token and user facebook ID if there is access token & FB ID than redirect user on the page you wants to display only for your friend. In that page first match the obtained facebook id with the ids of your friends(either stored in db using facebook api). If ids matches with the stored one than load your script other wise redirect it to a 404 html page or to some other url want to show.

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Yes this is possible

The obvious way would be using the facebook SDK make your friends log in, But that requires an active log in on your site. Once they are logged in its easy to see if they are on your friends list.

A less obvious way is using something described here http://www.tomanthony.co.uk/blog/detect-visitor-social-networks/

but combining with your profile in a way which if you get an ok reply (200 status code) on an image you only share with friends, Then have a call back to load another page.

This ISNT foolproof as you rely on javascript not being tampered with but requires less activity from the user

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  • create a Facebook app, go to the App Dashboard, click the '+ Create New App' button.
  • give your website URL to Canvas URL*
  • now you are ready to user facebook API

    $config = array();
    $config['appId'] = 'YOUR_APP_ID';
    $config['secret'] = 'YOUR_APP_SECRET';        
    $facebook = new Facebook($config);

* There are 2 way to do this.

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It's absolutely possibe with FB App. A specific access token will be provided. Once you create an App you can use oAuth authentication before page is displayed to user. After user authenticates and provides permission, it's redirected to a specified URL and you get user details.

Once you have user data, you can check that against reference data which in this case is your friends details and is already available. If that's matched, you provide access those to page that you want to display to your friends or if it doesn't matches the reference you can redirect those to an error page or else.

I hope it helps. Read some Facebook developer documentation over FB Apps creation for this that will help a lot.

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