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I am trying to validate date with two different input form.I don't know i ma doing wrong.


class ReportForm(forms.ModelForm):   
    manual_date = forms.DateField(input_formats=['%m/%d/%Y','%d/%m/%Y'],
    manual_time = forms.TimeField(input_formats=['%H:%M','%I:%M %p'],
                      widget=forms.TimeInput(attrs={'size':'8','class':'time_field'},format=["%H:%M","%I:%M %p"]))

    def clean(self):
        cleaned_data = self.cleaned_data
        manual_date = cleaned_data.get('manual_date')
        manual_time = cleaned_data.get('manual_time')

        if manual_date != strftime('%d %b %Y') and strftime('%b %d %Y'):
            raise ValidationError('Enter a valid date')
        return cleaned_data


{{ ReportForm.manual_date }}{{ ReportForm.manual_date.errors }}
{{ ReportForm.manual_time }}{{ ReportForm.manual_time.errors }}

I am getting this error "global name 'strftime' is not defined",i surely don't know the method i did is right.

I want to validate the date and time for both format.If user select dd/mm/yyyy format it should validate in that format and if the selected date is mm/dd/yyyy it should validate date in that format.Please guide me how to implement in clean() method.

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strftime is a method found on datetime objects to convert them to strings.

Your error is quite simple: it's not defined. If you opened a python shell and typed in Royal, would you expect an error? Same thing.

By the time clean is called, the datetime object has already been constructed. There is no input type validation at this point - it's already been converted to a datetime.

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Actually royal, i now see you are checking for date format. The input_formats should auto validate that. –  Yuji 'Tomita' Tomita Jun 6 '13 at 5:34

while raising error use forms.ValidationError not just ValidationError see https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/forms/validation/

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