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I would like to produce a url as


from this route

get_class_swimming_students GET    /swimming/students/get_times/:start_date/:end_date(.:format) swimming/students#get_times

How do I pass parameters to get_class_swimming_students_path ?

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See my answer. It may help you. Thank you. –  Jyothu Jun 6 '13 at 5:50

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get_class_swimming_students_path('2013-01-01', '2013-02-02')

In Rails, URL parameters are mapped to the router in the precise order in which they are passed. Consider the following:

# rake routes
my_route GET    /my_route/:first_param/:second_param/:third_param(.:format)

# my_view.html.erb
<%= link_to('My Route', my_route_path('first_param', 'second_param', 'third_param') %>
#=> <a href="/my_route/first_param/second_param/third_param">My Route</a>

Consider also the following case where foo and bar are static parameters positioned between dynamic parameters:

# rake routes
my_route GET    /my_route/:first_param/foo/:second_param/bar/:third_param(.:format)

# my_view.html.erb
<%= link_to('My Route', my_route_path('first_param', 'second_param', 'third_param') %>
#=> <a href="/my_route/first_param/foo/second_param/bar/third_param">My Route</a>

In the final example, arguments will appear as URL parameters in the order in which they were passed, but not necessarily in the same sequence.


The following syntax is equivalent to the first snippet. The primary difference is that it accepts arguments as named parameters, rather than in the order they're passed:

get_class_swimming_students_path(:start_date => '2013-01-01', :end_date => '2013-02-02')
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For any path you can pass params like

get_class_swimming_students_path(:params1 => value1, :params2 => value2)

And In controller you can simply access those passed params as usual

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Try to use that

get_class_swimming_students_path(:start_date => "2013-01-01", :end_date => "2013-02-02")
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