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suppose I have two functions like so:

food :: Eatable a => String -> a
food animalType = getAnimal animalType

getAnimal :: Eatable a => String -> a
getAnimal "cat" = Cat
getAnimal "dog" = Dog

Where Cat and Dog are both Eatables.

So I can call the food function like this:

let cat = food "cat" :: Cat

But having the string in there seems redundant. Is there any way to change this to:

let cat = food :: Cat
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Isn't just removing String from getAnimal works ? – Satvik Jun 6 '13 at 13:41
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Yes, simply remove the redundant argument. The return type of getAnimal determines the instance that will be used.

data Cat = Cat
data Dog = Dog

class Eatable animal where
  getAnimal :: animal

instance Eatable Dog where
  getAnimal = Dog

instance Eatable Cat where
  getAnimal = Cat
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