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I have such a problem: In a local network I have a server which is called by its server_ip. I have few sites located under /www/site_folder where index.php is located. So whenever http://server_ip/site_folder is called index.php is called and selected site loads.

Now I put in /www/zend_site a Zend project. It means two things: 1. index.php is located under /www/zend_site/public, 2. Zend requires rewriting rules set up so framework can understand controller/action extracted from an URL.

What I want, and can't succeed, is to have ability to call Zend project by typing http://server_ip/zend, and also to have rest of my simple sites working by calling them by http://server_ip/site_folder.

I got familiar with configuration for a Zend http://files.zend.com/help/previous-version/Zend-Server-5-Community-Edition/configuring_zend_framework.htm and tried to make use of virtual hosts by introducing new one called zend.

I see it's not possible to get such two existing options running. If zend is in virtual host and if I call only sever_ip it loads zend project instead of /www/index.php (a dummy site). If I remove virtual host after I call http://server_ip/zend it loads /www/zend/index.php instead of /www/zend/public/index.php and also site doesn't work (after I created symbolic link to proper index.php), because links are not correctly rewritten with controller/action extraction.

Or maybe I am thinking wrong about VirtualHosts idea? In server_ip/something <- something is not a domain which could be used in VirualHost in this case?....

Any idea if my configuration could work?


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did you try binding the folder /www/zend/public to server_ip/zend ? The reason is, that /www/zend/public should be the DocumentRoot in the vhost configuration. Can you extend your post with the vhost configuration, so it will be easier to understand the problem? –  meberhard Jun 6 '13 at 10:29
an example of your attempt at a vhost might be appropriate. Keep in mind that you will likely require at least one additional vhost for your preexisting docroot sites to make sure that access is maintained. This level of Apache config can get tricky, be patient. –  RockyFord Jun 6 '13 at 11:22

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