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I have the following VBA Code:

Public maxnumrows As Integer

Sub count_num_rows()
    maxnumrows = Sheets("Monetary All").UsedRange.Rows.Count
End Sub

Sub calc_external_sales()
    Sheets("Monetary All").[C5].FormulaLocal = "=SUMMEWENNS(Rawdata!K2:K3446;Rawdata!I2:I3446;""bezahlt"")"
End Sub

I would like the cell references in the calc_external_sales() to use the public variable in the range.

Example: Rawdata!K2:K"maxnumrows"

How do I have to change the syntax?

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btw you should also declare the variable as Long as there are far more rows in a sheet than an integer can hold –  JosieP Jun 6 '13 at 11:04

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This is how you can use a variable within a string

Sheets("Monetary All").[C5].FormulaLocal = _ 
"=SUMMEWENNS(Rawdata!K2:K" & maxnumrows & ";" & _ 
            "Rawdata!I2:I" & maxnumrows & ";""bezahlt"")"
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