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Please refer below animate code.

                       scale: 1,
                       centerX: -(this.chartObj.model.m_AreaBounds.Width /2),
                       centerY:-(this.chartObj.model.m_AreaBounds.Height /2)
                       duration: 2000,

                       step: function(now,fx) {
                           var scaleVal, x, y;
                           if (fx.prop == "scale") {

                               scaleVal = now;
                               x = 0;
                               y = 0;
                           } else if (fx.prop == "centerX") {
                               x = now;
                               y = 0;
                               scaleVal = 0;
                           else if (fx.prop == "centerY") {
                               x = 0;
                               y = now;
                               scaleVal = 0;
                            $(element).attr("transform", "translate("+x*(scaleVal-1)+","+(y*scaleVal-1)+")scale(" + now + ")");


in step function prop value will come step by step (i.e first time scale then centerX and then centerY but i want to set all those values in transform attribute of element. now am setting 0 to other values which is not corresponding to that property. but it is not correct.

i want to get all those values in single step and set in transform attribute and next time same get all those values(scale,centerX,centerY)

how to use step function for multiple value setters ?

how can i do this ?



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May be a bit (a lot) late to the party here, but just in case anyone stumbles across this question, trying to figure out how to animate multiple properties like this, here goes:

You've basically got everything right.. You can use the fx object to store the values off into variables as you step through them, and then use them all at once in the final CSS declaration.

Your problem was setting all the other variables to 0, this can be avoided by instantiating the variables outside of the animation function, and then only setting the one variable within each conditional statement. This would allow them to keep their value between iterations.

Here's an example using your code (with just a few alterations to fit the demo better):


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