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I am very new to Jmeter, i tried to run a test which does a get call and i needed to know the time it took. ON the server i could see the Get call taking about 6 secs for execution while the same get call when run from Jmeter, the sample time shows about 40 secs. Any reason why this issue might be happening? Anybody who faced this issue before. Please reply as this is a very urgent issue.

Thanks, Shruthi

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I would assume, that the JMeter timing is correct. – Christopher Roscoe Jun 6 '13 at 15:45

This is not an issue in jmeter Except if you don't follow best practices, see on jmeter website

Then you should get some basics on load testing concepts: - are you measuring from the same point - if not then could be network - are you measuring under load or not - ...

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