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I have a situation which demands below code metrics.

Maintainability index > 80 & Cyclomatic complexity < 20

But as per MSDN (

Maintainability index > 20 is green & Cyclomatic complexity < 25 is good.

I need to understand the below points;

  1. Worth in investing time to improve maintainability Index from 20 to 80?
  2. If we don't achieve maintainability index > 80, will there be an increase in maintenance cost?
  3. Impact on keeping Cyclomatic complexity < 25?

Thanks in advance.

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No way to tell without knowing how much maintaining you are going to do. It depends on how many more times you have to go in and comprehend the implementation. – Tony Hopkinson Jun 6 '13 at 10:42

Requirements may vary depending of the application role. MSDN gives you a general rule of thumb, for buisness or mission critical applications requirements can be higher.

In general, client, the one who pays for development, knows best about the application role, so it is up to her to decide, whether it worth investing in mantainability or not. There is no certain answer, each case should be evaluated separately.

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