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I am reading Pharo by Example the book.

Yet I didn't find the "Class browser" in my "World" menu in my Pharo2.

Is it replaced by the "System Browser"?

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Yes it is. System browser is Nautilus, a new advanced alternative for old class browser created by Benjamin Van Ryseghem.

You can still open the old one in Pharo 2.0 by executing Browser open but I would highly recommend to use Nautilus which is default for 2.0 version of Pharo.

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Note that Nautilus looks different to the browser in PBE but has the same functionality (Pharo does not seem to keep documentation in line with code) –  Mark Jun 7 '13 at 0:33

You should not use Pharo 2.0 to follow Pharo by Example book, it has it's own image, which is an older version of Pharo. You can download the right image from here: http://pharobyexample.org/image/PBE-OneClick-1.1.app.zip

After finishing learning with it, you can then use 2.0 safely :)

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