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Scenario: Consider, I have the following collection in the MongoDB:

    "_id" : "CustomeID_3723",    
    "IsActive" : "Y",
    "CreatedDateTime" : "2013-06-06T14:35:00Z"

Now I want to know the count of the created document on the particular day (say on 2013-03-04) So, I am trying to find the solution using aggregation framework.

Information: So far I have the following query built:

        { $group: {
            _id: '$CreatedDateTime'
        { $group: {
            count: {  _id: null, $sum: 1 }
        { $project: {
            _id: 0,
            "count" :"$count"

Issue: Now considering above query, its giving me the count. But not based on only date! Its taking time as well into consideration for unique count.

Question: Considering the field has ISO date, Can any one tell me how to count the documents based on only date (i.e excluding time)?

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Replace your two groups with

{$group:{_id:{day:'$day',month:'$month',year:'$year'}, count: {$sum:1}}}

You can read more about the date operators here:

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Since it gave me { _id: { day: '25', month: '05', year: '2013' }, count: 31 }, { _id: { day: '26', month: '06', year: '2013' }, count: 23 },.. per every dates. I need to do second group as well with { $group: { _id: null, count: { $sum: 1}} }.. Thanks for your time.. – Amol M Kulkarni Jun 6 '13 at 11:32

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