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I have a typedef structure containing the YUV components that I took from a video frame.

I need to find a way to write these YUV components into a (.YUV) file extension so I could use it for my application in C language.

Does anyone know, How can I can do it?

Best Regards

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Well, one of the more common yuv-formats (or rather YCbCr) is YV12

Its is also known as plane-separated 4:2:0 8bpp. Where the 4:2:0 denoted the subsampling used for the color components. 8bpp means the valid range is [0-255] (not realy true, but lets not go there right now...)

enter image description here

It consists of width x height bytes luma-samples (the Y-part) followed by width x height / 4 Cb-data and the same amount of Cr-data. Total number of bytes for one frame is width x height * 3 / 2

So basically all you need to do is to write the Y-component as uint8, followed by Cb-data and Cr-data.

If you need some example code in c to look at, check my yuv-viewer on github. Hope it helps, if not, drop me a comment.

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You will need to learn how to write to a file in binary mode. Take a look at these examples. Once that is clear, all you need to do is dump the hex values of the YUV channels into file.

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