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So here is the problem, I need to access custom segments in Google Analytics via reporting api and there is no trouble with it except that custom segments are not shareable across multiple profiles/users set in google analytics so segment has to be created for each profile. And in case when using Service Account generated through Google APIs Console, segments have to be created for that account - so how do I log in into Google Analytics with Service account having Client ID, Email address and Public key fingerprint to be able to set segments for it?

It is not currently possible to Create segments with Google Analytics Management API.


As of July 9, 2013 Google Analytics added access to custom dimension and metrics (DETAILS), now its possible to query custom dimensions without the need to create additional segments. So the roots of my problem disappeared.

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It currently is not possible to create segments for a service account. As you suggested you'd need to be able to login to the GA account to create it, which is not possible with a service account. The only option right now is to use dynamic segments when querying the Core Reporting API.

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you can access the custom segment by putting in the segment id the segment filter and to get that particular segment information you need to create an analytics service like this

$service = new Google_AnalyticsService($client);

now use the following to get all segments(by default and custom created) information :

$segments = $service->management_segments->listManagementSegments();

var_dump or print_r the $segment array to get the list and use the advanced segment id you find there to get the result by querying it to get the data for example i created an advanced custom segment in my analytics by the name abc and then in the $segments array i get the output array of which one of them does have the name field value abc in that element there will be a field named segment_id and will have value like gaid::12345 use that value while querying to get the data by placing it in the segment option of optparameters array of getdata field allong with different values.

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You did not read question to the end. I need to log in to analytics with service acc to create segments first, or be able to create segments from api. –  ivarPrudnikov Jun 27 '13 at 9:14
at present you can only first create segment from your profile and access it through api or use curl with google userid and password to create so, because the current analytics api doesn't provide any type of create functionality. –  Nitin Tokas Jun 27 '13 at 11:34
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