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I use access token in my joomla module to get page/group wall feed posts to show in user website page.user generated access token by my facebook application from my site before using the module in their joomla site.

What i want - "I want to extend the expire date of an existing non-expired/expired 60 days token without user interaction".

What i got from web that calling this url token can be extended -


some test i did to extend token and got these results :(

1.I created short lived access token in client side and extended it to 60 days by the above url 
2.I call above url again by passing that 60 days token as "fb_exchange_token" value to extend token again.I got different 60 days token but issue and expire date is same as before, not extended!!
3.I again repeated test 1 and got a token which also have same issue and expire date! as I wanted to have the expire date extended as my test 2 is failed.

So how do i achieve what i want?? i have the plan that i would extend the 60 days token on 58th day or after it expired.

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“So how do i achieve what i want??” – not at all, of course? offline_access permission has been removed for a good reason; so you need to at least have your users re-visit your page within 60 days, so that you can get a new access token. –  CBroe Jun 6 '13 at 12:50

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The whole point of the 60 day expiry is so that users re-visit your application at the end of the expiration and you drive them back through the login process.

  • Get short lived token
  • Re-extend

Extending a 60 day without user interaction defeats the entire process. If your user hasn't interacted with your app in 60 days, the application permission should expire.

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You meant by re visit is login authentication by fb using my app? Anyway what about if i call the exchange token url with my expired token to extend it again? I guess that renewing somehow by exchange token url above confirms no user interaction. –  dev-m Jun 6 '13 at 15:59
@professional the session will expire after 60 days, so the user (when he actually returns to your app) will have to login again. –  phwd Jun 6 '13 at 16:09

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