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I ended up making two github account (don't remember why) but now I only use one of them. Every time I use the GUI from here (http://windows.github.com/) to commit and sync my changes for a project on the newer account I use, the author is listed as the older account that I no longer use. What do I need to change on my computer to associate any future commits with the newer account. I read something about this being related to email addresses so I changed that to match and I also remove ssh keys from the older account. How do I let it know that I want to commit using the newer account?

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check your .gitconfig file. Maybe the file exist in your user home directory like C:/Users/USERNAME/

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I think this is the problem- I've changed the account using the 'git config' command. The token hasn't changed though. I've tried looking up how to find the token for a certain account and I only see references to the API token which is no longer used, and I can't find any token on my account page. Do you know where I can get the appropriate token to use? –  Mastid Jun 6 '13 at 13:44
commit author is not related to token. it's related with git config. there are two configs, global and local. so you have to check which account(name and email) is specified in $USER/.gitconfig and REPOSITORY/.git/config –  Outsider Jun 6 '13 at 15:26

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