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I've deployed my site to my development server using Capifony and although it has been deployed correctly when I go the the site i.e I get the following error:

RuntimeException: The autoloader expected class "Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\PDOMySql\Driver" to be defined in file "/var/www/vhosts/". The file was found but the class was not in it, the class name or namespace probably has a typo.

Any idea what's causing it? It works fine when deploying to production.

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Just guessing: Have you cleared your cache? – likeitlikeit Jun 6 '13 at 13:10

You may check the first line of the file "Driver.php" just to read <?php.

If you just read <? and tried to deploy on differents servers for dev and prod, just check if they have the same value for "short_open_tag" (in php.ini). If it's "on" on your prod's server and "off" on your dev's server you may have this error.

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Thank you, helped. – Christoph Bühler Apr 8 '14 at 19:14

It can be problem of accelerator (xcache, eaccelerator, apc). Restart PHP it can help.

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