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The names of some of my HTML inputs contain multiple square brackets.


<input name="skus[0].skuattributeoptions[1].sao_option_id" value="559" />

I have read that you can have attribute values with square brackets so long as you enclose the value in quotes. Which is fine but, when I use .filter() on a jquery object that contains elements with a name like the above, no elements are returned.

Below is a screenshot of the output from Chrome's console that illustrates what I mean.

inputs = $('[name="skus[0].skuattributeoptions[1].sao_option_id"]') returns three elements as expected.

But when I use inputs.filter('[name="skus[0].skuattributeoptions[1].sao_option_id"]') on that same bunch of elements I get nothing returned.

Please note that when the selector passed into .filter() has only one set of square brackets, E.g. inputs.filter('[name*="skuattributeoptions[1].sao_option_id"]') the filter returns what I expected!

I am using jQuery 1.5.1. Am I doing something wrong?

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This works for me as expected, not using jQuery 1.5.1 though, jsfiddle.net/fjeCX –  Vohuman Jun 6 '13 at 13:15
Upgrade your jquery –  A. Wolff Jun 6 '13 at 13:16

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That's correct, I just tried it using jQuery 1.5.1 and it returned an empty set [], I would recommend updating the jQuery, if you have to use it, you can read the name properties instead:

inputs.filter(function() {
   return this.name === "skus[0].skuattributeoptions[1].sao_option_id";


Edit: And it also work if you escape the [, ] and . characters instead of using quotes, it seems there is a bug in jQuery 1.5.1's .filter() method:



Well, that version is an old one, it had been released in February of 2011 and this problem doesn't exist in newer versions.

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Great answer. I had tried escaping only [], didn't realise it also needed the dots escaping too. –  Phil M Jun 7 '13 at 8:15

jQuery 1.5.1 is very outdated While the last features added to .filter() were in jQuery 1.4 (filter by selector in 1.0), there have been fixes since. Your problems seem to be between jQuery 1.5.1 and IE. You should use jQuery 1.10.1 instead.

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