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I have a stored procedure that receives a (n) list of filters stored as GUIDs. What I need is a stored procedure that will receive an (n) list of an (n) list of filters so that I can return comparisons each (n) list of filters. Is this possible, and how would you script it?

For reference, the current user type looks like the following:

CREATE TYPE [dbo].[GuidList] AS TABLE(
    [Value] [uniqueidentifier] NOT NULL,
    [Value] ASC


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No you can't use table types as column datatypes. Why not just add an additional column to the table type that acts as a grouping identifier? – Martin Smith Jun 6 '13 at 13:56

If all you really want to do is have a list of lists (a 2-tier hierarchy, I think is what you're asking for), just use XML instead.

        <guid value = '' />
        <guid value = '' />
        <guid value = '' />
        <guid value = '' />
        <guid value = '' />
        <guid value = '' />
        <guid value = '' />
        <guid value = '' />

If that isn't usable, you may need to clarify the purpose for using a USER TYPE.

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