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As I know every manufacturer provides an SDK for its IP-camera. Every SDK has a set of functions for connecting client to ip-camera, getting video stream and etc. But is there any way to connect and get video stream to ANY IP-camera without using manufacturer's SDK?

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ANY - In short No. It completely depends on the capabilities programmed into the camera itself. For security purposes, a camera may be programmed to only work with a specific NVR, or have some proprietary protocol that would require you to utilize their SDK.

You can, however, have an IP camera that has a built-in HTTP stream in one of the common streaming media formats: MPeg-4 Real Media Windows Media etc.

If your camera outputs an MMS:// stream, you can connect to that using MediaElement and setting the source.

Often, the camera will only provide snap shots, which you can capture at a high rate and repaint/refresh your UI at a fast rate. I'd advice taking a look at some of the open source projects like: http://wpfcap.codeplex.com/

I hope this helps. Good luck.

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thank you for your answer! –  Alekstim Jun 7 '13 at 4:16

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