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Recently I published to my Azure Staging server (Asp.Net MVC App) and my app wouldn't come up. I checked the Event logs on the machine, and this was the error:

.NET Runtime version 4.0.30319.18033 - Loading profiler failed during CoCreateInstance. Profiler CLSID: '{F1260058-1A1F-4738-8BE2-0BF9D3A64219}'. HRESULT: 0x8007007e. Process ID (decimal): 1872. Message ID: [0x2504].

The thing is that I am not using a profiler, everything worked fine yesterday (day old publish) - any ideas what could be causing this, and how I could fix it? Thank you.

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Not to say there is not a better fix (I tried all I could find elsewhere, nothing seemed to relate to my specific problem) but here is what I ended up doing. Simply delete your deployment, and re-publish. This must re-set whatever turning on your profiler sets.

enter image description here

Remember that if this is a non domain dns instance, your address will be changed. Hope this can save someone a few hours.

Blog Post Here

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