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I have an extremely simple batch file with a very annoying problem. I am trying to stop a process via its TASKKILL using it's image name (/IM). The problem is I have two image names that are the same only difference being one is capalized and the other is not. I only want the all lowercase process to be killed. Is this possible? Any help asap would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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FOR /f "tokens=2" %%i IN (
 ' tasklist ^| find "ccc.exe" '
 ) DO SET pid=%%i

This batch should do as you ask. I just used ccc as a test - ccc.exe does not exist (gave no output) CCC.exe exists - showed PID for CCC.exe when changed to upper-case.

You'd need to change the tokens= to 3 or perhaps even more if the executable name contains spaces, commas, semicolons, etc. Need to know the precise name to give you precise details.

Will simply show the PID it proposes to kill. Remove the ECHO to activate after verifying.

tasklist /fi "imagename eq whatever"

should list the target PIDs for you.

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