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I have been trying to load highstock as a require module. I was wondering if anyone had managed to get this working? I am able to load highcharts as a require module and it works fine, but my shims for highstock are not working. I am getting a Highcharts.Stockchart is not a constructor error.

"highcharts": "../vendor/js/libs/highcharts",
"highstock": "../vendor/js/libs/highstock",


shim: {
// Put shims here.
"highcharts": {
    "exports": "Highcharts",
    "deps": [ "jquery"]

"highstock": {
    "exports": "StockChart",
    "deps": [ "jquery", "highcharts"]        

Thank you

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I was able to solve this. I realize now that the Highcharts.Chart constructor and all features of Highcharts are included in Highstock so the Highcharts namespace was already defined.

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