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I just downloaded laravel 4 via composer and i see that the size of the vendor folder 26mb.

After i checked all packages inside the vendor folder i saw that most of them have files that aren't needed in a live website, like tests or readme files.

I must delete those files manually or is there another way?

All those extra packages are required by laravel?

Laravel 3 was very simple, that is why i started using, i never thought a new update could be so different.

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Depending on how you installed via Composer you'll also have the Git history of each of those dependencies. You can drop the filesize even more by running composer update --prefer-dist to instead download archives instead of cloning the repository.

In the long run though, disk space isn't exactly expensive in this day and age. I can understand you might be a little concerned about it but you shouldn't worry too much. It doesn't have a huge impact on the overall performance of your application. If you optimize the Composer autoloader with composer dump-autoload -o and run php artisan optimize to generate a bootstrap/compiled.php file you'll still great excellent speed.

In comparison Laravel 3 is very simple. But Laravel 4 has embraced the future and ships with some awesome functionality.

At the end of the day there is no reason for you to upgrade to Laravel 4 if you don't see the need. You can safely continue to use Laravel 3 as it will be patched for any security vulnerabilities or bugs.

For more information on the number of files, see this forum post.

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thanks. I will check this week Laravel 4 but i guess i will stick with Laravel 3 –  gtht90 Jun 7 '13 at 13:57

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