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I'm almost certain there's a way in the Notes Formula language to get the names of items ("fields") on a document, but I can't remember it, and there's no cross-reference from NotesDocument.Items in the documentation.

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Okay, I thought of a place where I used this, and dug it up. It's @DocFields. I had been trying @DocItems, @GetItems, etc.

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It's interesting that not only do many developers not know the actual meaning of field and confuse it with item (fields are on forms and items are on documents), but also whoever was designing/extending the Formula Language at the time this was added either didn't know the difference or was catering to the developers who don't know the difference. I would have expected the language itself to use the correct term, just as LotusScript used the correct term. – iconoclast Feb 17 at 15:08

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