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I have a website dedicated to Garrapata, a state park in Big Sur. I have, I think, done a good job SEO-wise as:

The site's title is "Garrapata Photo Gallery" The site's keywords are "Big Sur, Garrapata, Garrapata State Park, Pacific Ocean, Scenic Photography, Central California, California Coast, California Vacation, Monterey, Ventana Wilderness, Clay Shannon" The site's description is "Throughout-the-seasons photographic portfolio of Garrapata State Park, located in Monterey County in Central California."

Yet it does not show up in results on "Binglehoogo" (the big four of search). When searching for "Garrapata State Park" (even though that phrase is among my keywords AND description), it doesn't show up in the first three pages with Bing, Google, or Yahoo - nor in the first several scrolldowns on DuckDuckGo

If I search for "Garrapata Photo Gallery" however, it does well. Does that mean it's all about the title, and the keywords and description are a waste of time and bandwidth?

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Your title tag having the keyword repeated twice is definitely helping you for the specific phrase "Garrapata Photo Gallery" - and title tag is generally considered to be one of the most important on-page SEO ranking factors... so yeah, that helps.

Maybe try a title tag like: Garrapata State Park - Garrapata Photo Gallery | Big Sur

That is a title tag length of 70 characters - a few characters long, but not so long that its overkill and over optimized. If you want to shorten it up, combine the words that make up your domain name.

Doing this should put your site in the SERPs for that phrase - although I wouldn't guarantee first page results, necessarily.

If you really want to rank for those keywords, it will probably be good to get some backlinks so that your site can compete in the results with sites like Yelp and Wikipedia.

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"Your title tag having the keyword repeated twice is definitely helping you" - I was wondering about that - and I didn't even do it on purpose. – B. Clay Shannon Jun 6 '13 at 17:34
Google and other major search engines will NOT use <meta> keywords. Google go the extra way and don't use <meta> description for ranking either! Content is key. If you site really isn't showing up, then it may not be indexed, so get google to index it manually. – william44isme Nov 26 '13 at 22:18

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