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I have written the xml which looks like below

<resultMap id="applicationMainMap" type="">

<result property="applicationIdName.applicationId" column="appid" />
<result property="applicationIdName.applicationName" column="application_name" />
<result property="appAcronym" column="application_acronym" />
<result property="" column="app_owner_name" />
<result property="applicationOwner.userId" column="app_owner" />
<result property="motsId" column="motsappid" />
<result property="afd.userId" column="app_afd" />
<result property="" column="app_afd_name" />
<result property="subscribe" column="suscribe" typeHandler=""/>


<select id="getMyApplications" statementType="CALLABLE" parameterType="">
 #{applicationsList,mode=OUT,jdbcType=CURSOR,javaType=ResultSet,resultMap=applicationMainMap     })}  

Here applicationsList is the list of type ApplicationMain for which a reference is created in ApplicationsCriteria which is model.

Question : My code is obviously not working as I am getting the result as null. How to handle such situation where I am getting output as ref cursor from stored procedure.

Please do not give me any links that would help as I have gone through every available link on web but no one has posted concrete answer infact let me provide the tutorial link. You can also refer to mybatis 3 user guide

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Can you provide your SP code? – Aliaksei Aug 5 '14 at 7:29

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