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I have a long list like this:

  list item 1<br/>
  list item 2<br/>
  list item 3<br/>
  list item 4<br/>
  list item 5<br/>
  list item 6<br/>
  list item 7<br/>
  list item 8<br/>
  list item 9<br/>
  list item 100<br/>

I want to crystal report to display it like a table grid layout, like this:

list item 1        list item 6

list item 2        list item 7
list item 3        list item 8

list item 4        list item 9
list item 5        list item 10

list item 11       list item 16
list item 12       list item 17
list item 13       list item 18

list item 14       list item 19
list item 15       list item 20

list item 21       list item 26

...                     ...


How do I create it with Crystal Report? If Crystal Report can not do it, what other report tool can do it, SSRS or MSWord (mail merge), any others?


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In the section expert, select the detail section.

Check Format With Multiple Columns

Click on Layout tab

Change formatting to match what you want.

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This resolved the two columns problem, thanks. But I want to do it like a grid layout, in one page I have 6 blocks layout in 2 columns and 3 rows, I want my long list to display in top left block first, then if the list does not end go to top right block, then if list not end go to middle left block, then middle right block, then bottom left, then bottom right. –  user2460663 Jun 6 '13 at 20:12
@user2460663 all of that should be possible in the layout tab... –  Tom Studee Jun 6 '13 at 20:15

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