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I use html signature for Outlook 2007. The signature contains a few image file. I want embed image files so it's shouldn't be on attachment. But v:image doesn't show image.

<!--[if gte vml 1]>
    <v:image style="width:104px;height:108px;" src="......AgEAgEAgEAgEAgP//Z">
    <![if !vml]><img width=104 height=108
src="...AICpUuZdbmkMBXsnT3knOxse8nkcs+B4iAtsAgEAgEAgEAgEAgEAgP//Z" alt="footer_logo.jpg" v:shapes="Resim_x0020_4"><![endif]>
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Outlook uses Word to render the images, and Word does not support embedded (src="data:image") images. You need to attach the image as a file, set the PR_ATTACH_CONTENT_ID property on the attachment (Attachment.PropertyAccessor.SetProperty), and make sure your HTML refers to the image through the src=cid:xyz attribute (where xyz is the value of the PR_ATTACH_CONTENT_ID property).

PR_ATTACH_CONTENT_ID property DASL name is

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