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I have a frontend PHP application which will save data in a MySQL database. The updated_by value will change since it will be the user who is updating the record.
I would like to update the updated_by column ONLY when we are inserting new values for any of the other columns (sname, scol2) , and the record is inserted or updated.
Any help is welcome, thank you so much :)

Table Info:

  • Table: test
  • Unique Index: columns sname and scol2
  • Columns: sname, scol2, updated_at, updated_by
  • Values: name1, col2, 03-02-2013, phpuser1

MySQL 5.6 Info:
"..returns 1 if the row is inserted as a new row, and 2 if an existing row is updated..."

Example: users will Update or Insert records:

INSERT INTO test(sname) VALUES("name1") ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE sname="name1", scol2="col2";
Result: The above query will not update anything. Perfect.

INSERT INTO test(sname) VALUES("name1") ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE sname="name1", scol2="col22";
Result: The above query would update the columns: scol2 and updated_at .Perfect.

How to automatically update the updated_by column in one query?

INSERT INTO test(sname) VALUES("test1") ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE sname="name1", scol2="col2", updated_by="phpuser2222";
This wont work, it will update everytime the columns updated_by and updated_at

Possible solution with two queries:

  1. Insert the record with: INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE...
  2. Get the return value in my PHP application to know if it has been [updated or inserted], and then update the field updated_by with a second query: INSERT INTO test(updated_by) VALUES("phpuser2222");
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Have you tried to use triggers? add a field created_by and put it's values in updated_by in trigger body, whenever your condition is met. – David Jashi Jun 6 '13 at 19:01
never used them, I will check triggers ty :) – xtrm Jun 6 '13 at 19:13

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