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In multi tenant architecture, I can implement permission for admin of an organization using cancan like below:

def admin
  can :manage, ModelName, organization: { id: @user.organization_id }

def superadmin
  can :manage, :all

However, I don't know how to do something similar using rolify?

if user.has_role? :superadmin
  can :manage, :all
  if user.has_role? :admin
    ***can :manage, ModelName, :id => _______________ ***

Apparently, I want admin can manage ModelName with all ids that belong to him, but how to get it through the User and organization?


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I don't think using just rolify will be enough since rolify is just for managing user roles. What you need is an authorization system like pundit.

I've been using rolify together with pundit and it's been working great for multitenant stuff.

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