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I'm trying to use the phone number regex that this person submitted but I can't figure out why it's not working.

<cfelseif NOT REFIND("^(?:(?:\+?1\s*(?:[.-]\s*)?)?(?:\(\s*([2-9]1[02-9]|[2-9][02-8]1|[2-9][02-8][02-9])\s*\)|([2-9]1[02-9]|[2-9][02-8]1|[2-9][02-8][02-9]))\s*(?:[.-]\s*)?)?([2-9]1[02-9]|[2-9][02-9]1|[2-9][02-9]{2})\s*(?:[.-]\s*)?([0-9]{4})(?:\s*(?:#|x\.?|ext\.?|extension)\s*(\d+))?$",contactphone) >

It's giving me an error around (\d+) at the end. (I'm new to ColdFusion and using RegEx)

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There is a pound sign # in your regular expression so you probably need to escape that for ColdFusion by doubling it up as ##. –  Miguel-F Jun 6 '13 at 20:34

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In ColdFusion # is used to output a string. If you're cfelseif is within cfoutput tags you need to escape the # by using ##. Updating your regEx to the below format should solve your issue.

<cfelseif NOT REFIND("^(?:(?:\+?1\s*(?:[.-]\s*)?)?(?:\(\s*([2-9]1[02-9]|[2-9][02-8]1|[2-9][02-8][02-9])\s*\)|([2-9]1[02-9]|[2-9][02-8]1|[2-9][02-8][02-9]))\s*(?:[.-]\s*)?)?([2-9]1[02-9]|[2-9][02-9]1|[2-9][02-9]{2})\s*(?:[.-]\s*)?([0-9]{4})(?:\s*(?:##|x\.?|ext\.?|extension)\s*(\d+))?$",contactphone) >
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That fixed the problem. Thank you –  confusedStudent Jun 7 '13 at 13:05
@confusedStudent: If this answer solved your problem, you should indicate that to future readers by "accepting" it. See: What does it mean when an answer is "accepted"? –  Al E. Jun 7 '13 at 14:42

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