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I need draw a bar plot with 200k data points. I have matplotlib.plot code, which runs well for small data set, but too slow for 200k points.

Can anyone help me translate this python code to gnuplot? Thanks!

plt.bar(x, oneD, width, edgecolor='orange', color='orange', alpha=0.7); 
plt.bar(x, twoD, width, edgecolor='yellow', color='yellow', alpha=0.7); 

the whole code is below (simplified):

import numpy as np;
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt;

import Gnuplot, Gnuplot.funcutils;
oneD = [];
#read in lines and append to oneD
oneD = (np.array(oneD));
oneD = oneD[ind];
x = np.arange(len(oneD));
#following line takes long time to execute, so I want to use gnuplot, but don't know how to translate to gnuplot
#print timestamp
plt.bar(x, oneD, width, edgecolor='orange', color='orange', alpha=0.7); 
plt.bar(x, 0-twoD, width, edgecolor='yellow', color='yellow', alpha=0.7); #twoD is similar to oneD
#print timestamp

I got so far is, but apparently it is not what I need:

    gp = Gnuplot.Gnuplot();
    gp('set style data histograms')
    gp('set style fill solid 1.0 border -1')

    gp.hardcopy('filename.png', terminal = 'png');
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