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I'm just wondering under what circumstances would an EJB whose interface is clearly @Remote, end up described in the ejb-merged-jar.xml as ejb-local-ref ?

The case I have is

   @EJB(name="blah", lookup="blah")
   private Blah1 blah;

SubClass extends SuperClass
       @EJB(name="blah2", lookup="blah2")
       private Blah2 blah;

In ejb-merged-jar.xml, in a subclass of SubClass, it says Blah2 is a remote bean, and Blah1 is a local bean. Incidentally, I am getting NameNotFoundExceptions when it tries to find Blah1.

Ever experienced anything like this?


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Based on the mention of ejb-jar_merged.xml, it sounds like you're using WebSphere Application Server. The product's mapping of @EJB to ejb-ref or ejb-local-ref has had many problems. I recommend opening a PMR with IBM.

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