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How do I accept credit card payments inside a C# app? I'll use some textboxes for the inputs but what gateway do I contact to complete the transaction? I don't mind working with any service, paid or free.

Any ideas how I can do this? Thanks.

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Payment Service Providers/Gateways generally provide their own APIs/SDKs in various development languages.

You can also purchase libraries that have already integrated to many of these to help implement your solution quickly or run multiple payment options. eg:

With regards security, in our experience, it makes sense to integrate in such a way that you pass the user over to the 3rd party provider for processing rather than take or store credit card details within your own system.

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You can checkout Paypal,, Google Checkout, and any of a number of other merchants out there.

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You can get sample source and good rates from either Chase Paymentech or Litle.

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Check out the Sample Code for IP Commerce at GitHub:

Note: You will need to create a project at in order to get access to the sandbox environment.

Full Disclosure: I work for IP Commerce and among many other things, we provide the fastest way to connect to processors like Chase Paymentech, Vantiv, First Data, etc. We also provide a tokenization service that will take the card-storage burden off of your application, eliminating your PCI Compliance.

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