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In Javascript, I have an object:

obj = { one: "foo", two: "bar" };

Now, I want do do this

var a = 'two';
if(confirm('Do you want One'))
  a = 'one';


But of course it doesn't work. What would be the correct way of referencing this object dynamically?

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short answer: obj[a]

long answer: obj.field is just a shorthand for obj["field"], for the special case where the key is a constant string without spaces, dots, or other nasty things. in your question, the key wasn't a constant, so simply use the full syntax.

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Like this:

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As a side note, global variables are attached to the "window" object, so you can do

var myGlobal = 'hello';
var a = 'myGlobal';
alert(window[a] + ', ' + window.myGlobal + ', ' + myGlobal);

This will alert "hello, hello, hello"

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