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I've effectively got a List or a List, XAML that represents the canvas elements... as a return from some stuff I have no control of.

I've been moderately successful rendering via stackpanel.children.add etc, however want to start having the list of canvas within a virtualizing panel or list.

I've set itemssource and datacontext on the <ItemsControl> and set the <DataTemplate> as such

   <ContentControl content="{Binding Path=CanvasBody}"/> 

This effectively turns entire silverlight body white/blank. I dont really care how I ultimately get to the desired result which is a list of the rendered canvas's... preferably virtualized for speed.

Its a retarded problem, and not ideal as far as how silverlight apps are built, I know...

I'd really appreciate any pointers. THANKS!

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Your question seems to be missing some parts. I'd suggest you revise it to fill in the blanks above. –  Bryant Nov 9 '09 at 19:59

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Generally to display a list of elements you bind the items control itemssource property to the list and then set a datatemplate for it which displays the desired properties of the list item type. You dont need to set content control. Beyond that I cant see what exactly you are asking.

        <TextBlock Text="{Binding ExampleProperty1}"/>

codebehind file:

public class ExampleClass
    public String ExampleProperty1
            return "TEST";

public List<ExampleClass> List {get;} // note that this must be a public PROPERTY,    
                                      // not a field!
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