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Trying to get this code working in Flash AS3 but keep getting this error:

1071: Syntax error: expected a definition keyword (such as function) after attribute function, not updateTimer.

    var countdownTimer:Timer = new Timer (1000);
    counterTimer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.Timer, updateTimer);

    Function updateTimer(Event:TimerEvent):void{
        var Today:Date = new Date();
        var year = Today.getFullYear();
        var dtsBegin:Date = new Date(year, 2, 31); 
        var dtsEnd:Date = new Date(year, 9, 27);
        if((today >= dtsBegin) && (today <= dtsEnd)){
            Today.minutes -= 0;
            Today.minutes += 60;
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A lot of things are case sensitive in AS3.

  • the keyword function is lower case
  • "Today" is different then "today"
  • The Timer property in TimerEvent is in all cap: "TimerEvent.Timer" doesn't exist
  • Missing the closing brace for your function
  • missing the imports for Timer and TimerEvent
  • you have 'counterTimer' when I think you meant 'countdownTimer'
  • the start() method call should be lowercase: Timer.Start() doesn't exist
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Thank you very much, this is the first time i've ever used this program and everything you pointed out helped me :) cheers –  user2461566 Jun 7 '13 at 14:34

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