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I am using jPanelMenu in a ToDo application for the left side menu. I have created a directive to apply the jPanelMenu to the appropriate elements.

Everything is working as expected except there is a nested ng-repeat with a nested ng-click inside of the element that gets reassigned with jPanelMenu.

    <ul class="unstyled">
        <li ng-repeat="category in categories"> 
            <a href="#" ng-click="setFilterCategory(category)">{{ category }}</a>

The ng-click event is not firing in the created jpanel menu.


  • jPanelMenu coppies the jpmenu element and applies it's styles to it, not using the original dom elements
  • The original DOM elements still exist and they are "display:none;"
  • the class ng-scope is missing from the recreated jpanel menu element
  • The ng-click element fires properly on the original DOM element if I unhide it and click it, but the recreated elements do NOT fire at all.

I've added a timeout to the directive to delay the jpanel menu recreation (to wait for angular to finish it's other directives first) but that didn't help

Here is a jsfiddle example of exactly what's going on (THIS FIDDLE DOES NOT RUN IN CHROME BECAUSE OF CROSS SITE SECURITY):

If you click the unhidden original menu items in the jsfiddle you'll see the text updating, but if you click the menu items in the left menu they do not work.

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You forgot to bootstrap your app. Try this:

<body ng-app="myApp">
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It was on the html tag in the application and I just forgot to copy it over to the jsfiddle, that's not the culprit. Even with that in the jsfiddle it's still broken. – blockloop Jun 15 '13 at 16:54

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