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I'm not expert in JSF..

There is a bean.

public class ClientBean

Also the code has class Client (not a bean. just a class)

Actually ClientBean duplicate all fields from Client. What's not good. Duplication I mean itself.

It seems the reason of duplication is to provide the annotations over the fields that ClientBean duplicates/has. Like:

private String key;

What would be the best way to reduce duplications? Let's say wrap Client by ClientBean.. Extends Client by ClientBean.. to be able to use annotation advantage.

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Use #{clientBean.client.key} directly in your JSF code. –  Luiggi Mendoza Jun 7 '13 at 4:02

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Your ClientBean has field Client:

public class ClientBean{
    private Client client;

    private Client getClient(){
       return client;

And you can use EL like this #{}

If you want to reduce this long EL, you can use JSTL(xmlns:c="") :

<c:set var="client" value="#{clientBean.client}"/>

And your expressions will be like this #{}

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Please review –  Luiggi Mendoza Jun 12 '13 at 23:11

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