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What I am doing

I am building a query to a service. I query the service using ajax and get a response in JSON.

I am querying the Google map API service. Reverse Geocoding

Here is a sample query:,-73.961452&sensor=false

You can see the query parameters are latlng, and sensor.

There is a comma in the latlng query parameter.

Let's look at some code

// Some vars
var googleEndpoint = "";

// Bind handler to form submission
$('#theQuery').submit(function() {
    var lat = $("#lat").val();
    var _long = $("#long").val();

    // Construct Query
    $.get(googleEndpoint, { sensor: true, latlong: lat + ',' + _long }, function (data) {
    return false;

If I run a query, my query looks like this:

My thoughts

You can see the comma is a %2C. I know this is due to encodeURIComponent being called on the parameters as jquery builds the query string, but I don't know how to flag that comma so that it won't be encoded. I have tried unescape().

I know I am missing something here, any help?

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The question is still interesting but as far as the Google service, the parameter is 'latlng' and NOT 'latlong' so the failure to make requests was due to this typo in my code above. If you pass a ',' OR a '%2C' both give valid responses. I will close this question. – Morrowind789 Jun 6 '13 at 23:37

you can try using


It does not escape comma

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Trying this now – Morrowind789 Jun 6 '13 at 23:33
This was helpful but see my comments on my original question on how I solved this. – Morrowind789 Jun 6 '13 at 23:37

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